Past Events...

Fellow Ship in Frome at Winter Solstice

Sat 22nd December, 2018     7:30pm - 11pm

£15 / £10

The Barn, 11 Keyford, Frome, BA11 1JF

Matthew Birch, James Watts and Michael Stanton are three good buddies with a splendid musical rapport. We play an eclectic mix of styles from around the world on an impressive range of musical instruments! Expect celtic tunes played on Zimbabwean mbira, Armenian dances alongside Andean folk melodies, and a healthy dose of improvisation.

This event will be a cozy intimate affair with a Solstice fire and tea, cake and healthy raw vegan treats provided by Roar Cafe! ( It will also be completely acoustic with no amplification. You may want to bring a cushion or back-rest chair as we will be sitting on the floor.

£15 / £10 - you can buy advance tickets here:


We look forward to seeing you and celebrating friendship and music together!


The address is 11 Keyford, Frome, BA11 1JF, but the entrance to The Barn is round the back of the house which is accessible via a driveway just round the corner on Woodland Road. So if you have your back to the front door, turn left and then immediately left down Woodlands Road. The first driveway on left has large wooden gate with sign on white wall saying 'Metchley Yard.' Come through the gate and we are through another gate on your left.

So, in essence, all the lefts! See you there!

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Sacred Song Ceremony in Bristol

Sat 15th December, 2018     7:30pm - 11:30pm

£15 / £10 suggested donation

Space 238, 238 Stapleton Road, Bristol, BS5 0NT

I feel there is a growing need for ceremony in our lives. A need to remember how to pray together. To support one another as a community. And I feel increasingly called to step into a role of holding a ritual space in which we can connect to an ancient memory through prayer, song and presence.

I had originally intended to hold this song ceremony in a natural-build space on the edge of St Werburghs allotments with a fire outside, but since then I've had to change the date and venue which means that unfortunately we will no longer have a fire ceremony, but we will have a beautiful yoga space to do a prayer and song ceremony.  We will be sitting on the floor, so please bring cushions and sheepskins to sit on.

I look forward to sharing something special with you, where we can journey into presence together with open hearts. An opportunity to beckon a little closer a feeling of love for the living spirit within all things... Lay ourselves down before the great mystery in gratitude for our lives, and ask for help in these turbulent times...

The ceremony will have a form which needs everyone to start and finish together, so please try to arrive on time and not after 8pm.

£10 suggested donation. 
For advance tickets:

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"The Children's Fire"  Book-launch in Bristol

Monday 10th December, 2018     6:30pm - 9:00pm

£10  /  £7  /  £5

Hamilton House, 80 Stokes Croft, Bristol, BS1 3QY

Mac Macartney is quite simply one of a kind.  The closest I have met to a true indigenous elder of native England.  When Mac speaks, the heart has to listen.  Even a heart numbed by the demented drone of our sleeping culture cannot resist the stirring of ancient spirit which resounds within the tone of Mac's living story.

If there is one thing you do before you die - Listen to this man speak.

I cannot acclaim much bolder than that...


Joining Mac are Tommy Crawford and Nigel Shaw who will help bring the narrative to life with their exquisite poetry and flute music, and I will open the night with some music too.  I feel this night will be very special.

For advance tickets:

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Song Ceremony in Notting Hill

Weds 5th December, 2018     7pm - 10pm

Private Residence in Notting Hill

£20   (£15 / £10 concessions)

I will be back in London for a winter song ceremony -  a space wherein we can drop out of the bustle of busy city life and relax into that timeless place where we can meet one another in the spirit of prayer and song.  


Some songs I share are my own original compositions and instrumental guitar pieces, others are traditional and modern Medicine Songs which pay resect and gratitude to the Great Spirit and our Earth Mother for the extraordinary gift of life. 

This evening will be held as a ceremony, so PLEASE ARRIVE ON TIME to not disturb the sensitive atmosphere once we begin. Thank you.


Entry includes delicious hand-made vegan treats and spicy chai!

Please contact Erika for bookings on or visit the facebook event page.

Facebook Event:

Yoga and Music Medicine with Erika Tourell

Mon 3rd December, 2018     7pm - 9pm

Westbourne Grove Church, London, W11 2RW

£25   (£20 / £15 concessions)

I feel excited and privileged to support the remarkable work of Erika Tourell, who's life-long dedication and love for yoga is a rare gift to the world.  Erika has a deep and profound intuition that is evident in the way she guides people through the practice of yoga.  Her presence and natural confidence reflect her many years of experience with a feminine strength that holds a very down-to-earth space and a clear sense of direction.  Erika's work is a truly exquisite offering...

And Erika has a love for my heart song, which I will share during a restorative yoga session that will finish with a music led yoga nidra.

"Step into the Sacred Space of Westbourne Grove Church for two hours of deep self care, nourishment and relaxation. 

Please bring a mat if you have one as well as a blanket / shawl and maybe a cushion / pillow to keep yourself warm and cosy in your posture work to release deep seated stress and tension. You will be expertly guided through some gentle movement and held postures before relaxing into yoga nidra - complete rest for the body whilst we float into a dreamy reverie caressed by the sounds of Mike's magical music.

There will be some delicious home-made vegan treats to snack on at the end to help bring you back down to earth."

Please contact to book your space.

Facebook Event:

Art by Jane Newland.

An Evening Of Medicine Songs in Forest Row

Sat 24th November, 2018     7:30pm - 11:30pm

£15 / £10 donation

Private residence in Forest Row  -  RSVP Matthew  07501592980

Walking this path of sacred song is an ever unfolding prayer, and I am very grateful for this invitation to share these songs of my heart at a beautiful private residence in Forest Row.  Some are my own original songs and instrumental guitar pieces, others are traditional and modern Medicine Songs which pay resect and gratitude to the great spirit and our Earth Mother.  I hope to create a beautiful opportunity to breathe in an air of ceremony where we can sing and pray together.

The address of the venue will be sent to those who buy tickets in advance, or if you intend to come, please contact Matthew and he will send you the address. Held in a beautiful private residence in Forest Row.  You will receive the address when you buy a ticket or message Matthew on 07501592980 to let him know you are coming and he will send you the address.

Tickets available here:

Facebook Event:

Tobacco Medicine Teachings  -  Forest Row

Sat 24th November, 2018     2pm - 5:30pm

£15 / £10 suggested donation - donations are not compulsory

Private residence in Forest Row  -  RSVP Matthew  07501592980

After many years of using Tobacco in many forms and in many traditional rituals, I have come to realise there is a great need to share true knowledge of this sacred plant medicine.  We suffer from an obscene cultural misunderstanding of the true power of Tobacco.  This misuse has led to much harm and I feel called to do what I can to help people create a healthy relationship with Tobacco.  I will share stories, experiences and teachings as well as songs and prayers all dedicated to the sacred use of Tobacco. 

Tobacco is one of the most powerful plants there is. The power it has to harm is equal to the power it has to heal. It all comes down to the way we choose to relate to it.

IMPORTANT - It is not necessary to consume Tobacco in any form in order to attend this ceremony / workshop.

Held in a beautiful private residence in FOREST ROW, you will receive the address when you buy a ticket. If you intend to come there may also be some tickets available on the door, but please message Matthew on 07501592980 to let him know you are coming and he will send you the address.

You can buy tickets here:

Later in the evening I will also hold an evening of Medicine Songs.  You can read more about this above.

We Invite those who would like to come to both events to share dinner together in the few hours in between from 5:30 to 7:30pm. We will make a big pot of soup and ask you to bring something to share, pot luck style!

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Ombiviolum - Enter The Circle

Ceremonial Dance Journey

Friday 9th November, 7:30pm

St Laurence Parish Church, STROUD


Ombiviolum invite you to 'Enter The Circle' in a ceremonial dance journey,.  A meeting of cultures through song, dance and spirit, an opportunity to allow the power of music and dance to remind us we are all equal in this great mystery of life.

We sincerely hope you can join us for this unique and rare occasion in such a beautiful church at the heart of Stroud - home to the Stroud Sacred Music Festival.

Denise Rowe - Dance, Mbira, Vocals, Percussion
Kennedy Chinyere - Mbira, Vocals, Guitar, Percussion
Allan Kerr - Mbira, Percussion, Vocals
Bella Lilley - Vocals, Percussion
Alfie Weedon - Double Bass, Percussion, Vocals
James Watts - Winds, Mbira, Vocals
Ailsa Mair Hughes - Cello, Vocals
Michael Stanton - Guitar, Piano, Vocals

Facebook Event:

Ombiviolum - Enter The Circle

Wednesday 7th November, 7:30pm

The House, University of Plymouth, PL4 8AA


Ombiviolum invite you to "Enter The Circle".  This new offering is the result of second phase of funding from Arts Council which was awarded earlier this year.  "An inner and outer journey into tender places of the human heart, this new offering seeks the healing of ancestral wounds through movement, sound, ceremony and celebration."

Samhain Song Ceremony in Frome

Sat 3rd November

The Barn, 11 Keyford, FROME  BA11 1JF

£10 suggested donation


After many many moons of waiting for the right time to come to Frome to hold a song ceremony, it seems the time has come. An outpouring of love to nature as we embrace the mystical time of Autumn. A time to breathe in the wisdom of the earth as she turns from fruit to spirit, a beckoning to enter the star-filled darkness and let go into the timeless stillness of winter, wherein we find ourselves in the vestry of the Ancestors, an open door to the world of spirit. 

At Samhain we have a special opportunity to honour what came before us. To remember those who helped shape who we are today, without whom we wouldn't exist... A time to reflect and feel grateful for the eternal life flowing throughout the infinite heart of the great mystery... The place of our true home, the place from where we came, the place to where we shall return. Giving thanks for this extraordinary gift of the incredible life. Life everlasting...

You are invited to help create a small ceremony for Samhain, to really become present with each other for an evening in prayer and song.

Please consider bringing something that connects you to or represents your Ancestors to put on the altar. Photographs of loved ones who have passed are especially welcome.

You may want to bring a cushion or back-rest chair as we will be sitting on the floor, and due to the size of the space numbers will be limited to 25 or 30.

If you want to buy tickets in advance to ensure a place, you can buy tickets here:

Thank you for supporting my work. I sincerely appreciate it.

 Ancestral Spirit Retreat

Fri 26th - Sun 28th October, 2018

Eden Rise, South Devon


Weekend yoga and meditation retreat with Fay Rosamond,

Christopher Gladwell, Judith Puckmayr and Hannah Cowsill.

As we approach Samhain and move into the dark phase of the year, we are invited to turn within to connect with the Spirit through a meeting of Yoga, Meditation, Music, Song, Sauna, and Vegan Food in the South Devon countryside...  Relax, Rejuvenate and welcome the winter...

More information:

Slow Deep Vinyasa Flow and Sound Immersion with Fay Rosamond

Wild & Well Festival, M-Shed, Bristol
Sunday 21st Oct, 2018


Fay will be holding the final yoga session of the weekend at Bristol's Wild & Well festival, and I will accompany her to create a full sound immersion to accompany the flow...

House Concert in Hebden Bridge
Sat 15th September, 2018

6:30pm till late

Entry by Donation, RSVP Francis 07749418640

After hearing so much about the thriving scene in Hebden Bridge, I am pleased and excited to receive an invitation to share music at a popular regular event called Heavenly Hangouts.  Expect yummy vegan curry, cacao elixir and hot tub!  Francis, our Heavenly Host, offers his home for people to stay over night with a trip to the local woodland the next day.  This really will be very special!  

Foot To Earth Dance Camp
Weds 5th to Sun 9th September, 2018

High Heathercombe Centre, Dartmoor, Devon

Foot to Earth is a celebration of our living bodies in touch with the living earth.  Inspired by Denise Rowe's love for the Dartmoor wilderness, Zimbabwean culture, Pan-African dance, mbira music and the spirit of community, this dance camp is an especially intimate family gathering.  Expect people of all ages at this small yet beautiful retreat, with good food, amazing dance teachers, fire side song sessions, yoga in the morning, performances from Ombiviolum and an "all night" mbira ceremony...  After 7 years at Foot to Earth, my heart never fails to warmed and nourished...

House Concert in London
Weds 29th August, 2018

Notting Hill, West London

A wonderful invitation to play an intimate house concert at a private house in Notting Hill.  An opportunity to share my instrumental guitar pieces and heart songs in the comfort of a living room.  For more info, email me on or visit the facebook event page:

Vela Souls Retreat - The Present
Mon 20th - Sun 26th August, 2018

The Quadrangle, Kent

This will be my first time working along side Yana Seidl and Nyaniso Dzedze, two bright souls I met a few years back at Tribe Of Doris.  "Guiding men and women to deeper alignment with themselves and each other", Vela Souls is born of the passion to help people "sharpen how they show up in the world" through authentic relating, emotional therapy, yoga, dance, song and ritual work.  I am very pleased to be joined by my good friend Matthew Birch who will help me provide a musical dimension to their forthcoming retreat with guitars, drums, flutes, mbira, hand-pan (hang), and voice.

Tribe Of Doris

Weds 8th - Sun 12th August, 2018

Stanford Hall, Lutterworth, Leicestershire, LE17 6DH


Another family favourite, I grew up with Tribe Of Doris.  An AMAZING intercultural Summer School of Song, Dance, Drumming, Parties, Performances and fantastic community spirited awesomeness!  Everything from African Drumming, Dancing, Balaphon, Mbira to Afro-Latin Song and Dance, Flamenco, Sufi Whirling, Capoeira, Celtic Song and so much more...


I will be holding Afro-Celt music-making workshops alongside Allan Kerr and James Watts, and performing with Ombiviolum.

Buddhafield Festival   

Weds 18th - Sun 22nd July, 2018

Blackdown Hills, Somerset.

Once again the time has come for the awesome Buddhafield Festival!  A beautiful drug and alcohol-free festival full of fantastic music and workshops.  Great for all the family. 


This will be my 11th consecutive year playing at Buddhafield.  This year I will play 2 solo sets of my original material.  See you there!

Summer Song and Fire Ceremony

Friday 13th July, 2018

St Anne's Church, St Leonard's Rd, Bristol BS5 6JN


A time to gather, this time round a fire in a beautiful little church yard in Easton. Like the previous Song Ceremonies, I will guide simple songs for us to join our hearts in prayerful meditation, giving thanks for the living earth and the gift of life.

You may want to bring a blanket or a cushion to sit on.

If it rains we will take shelter and continue in the Church Hall.

Donations kindly received for the cost of hiring the space and firewood.

Stroud Sacred Music Festival  -  St Lawrence Church, Stroud

Saturday 7th July, 2018

Tickets by Donation (£10-£15 recommended)


I will lead a singing circle of Medicine Songs in the Old Town Hall opposite St Lawrence Church in Stroud.  After that I will hold a small fire ceremony, sing some traditional Native American songs and tell some stories in a Tipi in the church garden.  Then in the evening I will play with Faeland in the Church.  Three gigs, one day, definitely must be a festival!


Singing Circle - 12:30pm

Story Telling - 3pm

Faeland - Time TBC...

James Frost and Jubilation! Choir

Ashburton Arts Centre

Friday 29th June, 2018

7pm - 10pm

£10 / £8

James Frost recently asked me to help him produce his forthcoming album, and after our first week in the recording studio James and I will play as a quartet alongside Alfie Weedon on Double-Bass and Arjun Magee on Drum kit.  This will be a unique performance with 24-piece Jubilation! Choir led by Fran Andre.  Expect super soulful blend of folk, country and gospel in an incredible Georgian-style church.

We will also share tea made of Motherwort, one of my favourite native herbs which I grow in my garden and use a lot through the Summer time.  Somewhat an ally of mine, Motherwort is a heart herb with which I have a very special connection, and I feel glad to invite her to be a part of this ceremony.


There is a suggested donation of £10.  It feels good for me to receive financial support for this work, to cover my expenses and feel honoured for the time it takes to organise and hold a gathering like this. 

However, please feel free to give what feels right for you.  No one will be turned away due to lack of funds.


Due to the size of the space, numbers will be limited to around 30, so if you would like to buy a ticket in advance to secure a place you can buy one here:


The gathering will be held in a yoga studio which has yoga mats and a few cushions and bolsters, but please bring something to sit on for extra comfort.   A sheepskin, cushion or back-rest chair would be perfect.


I hope very much that you can join me for this special occasion. I am looking forward to it very much!

Yoga Fleur, 356 Fishponds Road, BS5 6RB Bristol

Facebook Event:

Summer Song Ceremony and Motherwort Blessing

Yoga Fleur, Bristol

Friday 15th June, 2018

7:30pm - 11:30pm

£10 suggested donation

Over the years I have gathered a wealth of precious medicine songs which have emerged during times of deep connection with nature as well rituals and ceremonies from various indigenous traditions.  My intention is to hold a space where we can sing and pray together guided by simple heart songs, and invite the possibility of being in touch with a place wherein we can share the mystery of our being.  Know there is no pressure to sing or speak if you don't feel to - your presence is participation enough and you are very welcome even if you would prefer to just listen and receive the medicine of being held in a ritual space. It really is so beautiful to feel songs and prayers offered with such sincerity.

Susie Ro - "Song Of A Thousand Leaves" Album Launch Tour

To celebrate the release of Susie's Debut Solo Album we have formed a band and are going on tour!  I will be supporting with a solo set in Forest Row and playing with my trio "Fellow Ship" alongside my brothers in rhyme James Watts and Matthew Bailey in Totnes and Frome.

Here are links to each Facebook Event:



Whitchurch, Hants:





Spring Song Ceremony and Birch Blessing  -  Yoga Fleur, Bristol

Friday 20th April, 2018

7:30pm - 11:30pm

£10 suggested donation

More and more these days I see the need to take a moment to drop out of the busyness and fragmentation of modern life, into a space where we can dream, pray and sing together and connect to the deeper rhythms of the Living Earth, and I feel inspired at this time to create a ceremonial singing circle as we emerge into Spring!  

I will make a spring tonic from Silver Birch which we can all share to connect with the feeling of renewal which is so present in this season.  It is also my wish that we can all engage in the ceremony through singing together, and I intend to lead songs which can encourage you to sing along.

Please bring a cushion to sit on. Due to the size of the space, numbers will be limited to 30.

I hope you can join me in this sincere prayer of gratitude for the beauty of this life, the living Earth, the Great Spirit and All of Our Relations.

Yoga Fleur, 356 Fishponds Road, BS5 6RB Bristol

Facebook Event:

Ombiviolum - Enter The Circle  -  Michael Tippett Centre, Bath Spa University

Weds 18th April, 2018

7:30pm - 9:30pm



Ombiviolum have been granted a bid by the Arts Council to create a new offering we are calling "Enter The Circle". 

Led by Denise Rowe, the piece will be a powerful journey through music, dance and spoken word which seeks to heal ancestral wounds through ceremony and celebration. 

Enter The Circle emerges after a "fallow year" for Ombiviolum and we are excited to see what this new

phase will bring.  We hope you can make it to the first showing on Weds 18th April in Bath. 

You can buy tickets here:

Denise Rowe  -  Dance and Movement Artist, Spoken Word, Mbira, Percussion
Kennedy Chinyere  - Mbira, Vocals, Purcussion
Allan Kerr  -  Mbira, Percussion, Vocals
Bella Lilley  -  Vocals, Percussion 
James Watts  -  Winds, Mbira, Vocals
Ailsa Mair Hughes  -  Cello, Vocals
Michael Stanton  -  Guitar, Piano, Vocals 
Alfie Weedon  -  Double Bass, Purcussion, Vocals

Yoga Fleur, 356 Fishponds Road, BS5 6RB Bristol

Facebook Event:

Medicine Songs - An Evening of Live Music and Cacao  -  Yoga Fleur, Bristol

Friday 2nd March, 2018

7pm - 11pm


Hosted by Tristan Stibbards of Snailspace Therapies, this will be the 3rd Medicine Songs with Cacao event.  A beautiful opportunity to hear a mix of traditional medicine songs and original music, as well as a sound journey with gongs and singing bowls, all held in the context of a Cacao Ceremony.

Yoga Fleur, 356 Fishponds Road, BS5 6RB Bristol

Facebook Event:

 Awakened Love Spirit Retreat

Friday 16th - Sunday 18th February, 2018


Weekend Yoga and Meditation Retreat with Fay Trezise,

Christopher Gladwell, Nick Green and Judith Puckmayr

South Devon


More information:

Medicine Songs - An Evening of Live Music and Cacao  -  Yoga Fleur, Bristol

Saturday 10th Feb, 2018

7pm - 11pm


This is the 2nd Medicine Songs with Cacao event hosted by Tristan Stibbards of Snailspace Therapies.  A beautiful opportunity to hear a mix of traditional medicine songs and original music, as well as a sound journey with gongs and singing bowls, all held in the context of a Cacao Ceremony.

Yoga Fleur, 356 Fishponds Road, BS5 6RB Bristol

Facebook Event:

Into The Light with Ayla Schafer & Michael Stanton  -  St Stephen's Church, Bristol

Sunday 3rd Feb, 2018

7pm - 11pm

£15 / £10

For more info visit:

St Stephen's Church, St Stephens Street, Bristol, BS1 1EQ

Dream Awake with Michael Stanton -  Living Room Concert - BRIGHTON

Sunday 28th Jan, 2018

6pm - 11pm

£5 - £10

Facebook Event:

January Thompson Album Launch The Spire, Brighton

Friday 26th Jan, 2018



Fellow Ship Bradford Roots Music Festival, Bradford-on-Avon

Sunday 21st Jan, 2018     


More info:

Fellow Ship From Peru To You, Frome

Saturday 20th Jan, 2018     


Fellow Ship is a cross-cultural musical trio I formed with my good friends

James Watts and Matthew Birch.  Watch this space later in the year for

more opportunities to hear our wonderful musings.

Soul Flower Yoga Retreat Space 238, Bristol

Sunday 7th Jan, 2018     

12pm - 6pm

A day-long yoga and bodywork retreat in the heart of Bristol with Nick Green, Emilia Gzyl, Joshua Clement, Ollie Dennison.

More info:

Medicine Songs  - An Evening of Live Music and Cacao  -  Yoga Fleur, Bristol

Friday 5th Jan, 2018

7pm - 11pm


Hosted by Tristan Stibbards of Snailspace Therapies, this is a beautiful opportunity to hear a mix of traditional medicine songs and original music, as well as a sound journey with gongs and singing bowls, all held in the context of a Cacao Ceremony.

Yoga Fleur, 356 Fishponds Road, BS5 6RB Bristol

Facebook Event:  www.facebook/events/299473860565110

Faeland Album Launch  -  The Folk House, Bristol

Saturday 11th Nov, 2017      

7:30pm  -  11pm

£8 / £11

With Support from Michael Stanton

The Folk House, 40A Park Street, BS1 5JG Bristol

Facebook Event: