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Guitar Tuition and Courses

Guitar Tuition - "Playing by ear, learning by heart"

Since 2011 I have had the honour of guiding people on their musical journey.  Watching people develop their musicality is such a joy for me; every challenge, every breakthrough is gold.  My aim is to help someone find their own sound by giving them the bases necessary to teach them self.  Ever since I can remember I have taught myself (with the help of others, of course) through playing, jamming, going to gigs, watching live music, being in bands...  A keen musical ear and an inquisitive nature have always been my greatest teachers, and this is what I intend to help people develop, through encouraging them to play music just for the love of it and hopefully develop a healthy interest in music theory.  I am not classically trained and I don't use much paper.  I was schooled in Jazz/Rock music, so some simple chord diagrams and a bit of guitar tab is all we need, the rest is about marrying the ear, the heart and the hands.

Over the years I have played music in many different styles and situations, so I can specialise in many genres.  I grew up playing piano and guitar in various covers bands where I learned a lot of conventional popular music styles including Rock, Blues, Soul, Reggae and Folk. In recent years I have become fascinated by various world and traditional folk music styles including Celtic, West African, Afro-Brazillian, Spanish, Latin-American, Turkish, Armenian and Zimbabwean influences.

In any case the important thing is that we play what feels good, however basic or sophisticated. We are all unique and each of us has our own strengths and challenges, so I try to tailor lessons to suit the character of each individual. I also place a special emphasis on the importance of improvisation, encouraging each person to find a way to express their own music that is soulful and true to themself. 

"Michael has an intuitive approach to teaching and I would not want to go with anyone else!
His tuition is a journey into your own music where practice, exercises and theory all come together in a playful, relaxed and intuitive manner.
Playing guitar with Michael meant building a relationship with my instrument, tuning it, discovering its virtues while exploring my own rhythm and creating my own sounds. It is possibly a voyage into the soul, I want more!"

- Boris Drappier

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