Discography of Collaborative Works

Over the years I have been involved in many musical projects.  A number of these have resulted in my creative skills being put to use on guitar, piano, keyboards, bass, percussion and santoor.  In some cases I have helped to co-write and co-produce records.  Here are some of the releases in which I have taken part.

(click the images to hear the records...)

Ayla - Dive Into Water   Jan 2017


Susie Ro - Song Of A Thousand Leaves

April 2018

Faeland - All My Swim   Nov 2017

Lua Maria - Wild White Horses   Oct 2015

Creation Sounds EP   April 2013

Hang In Balance

Live at Saint Stephen's Church   April 2012

Susie Ro - Pacific Warrior   July 2012

Julius Way - Relics   Sep 2012

Julius Way - Seeds   June  2014

Ayla - Words and Wolves    June 2013

Avalon Roots - Creation   Jan 2015