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Discography of Collaborative Works

Here is a selection of records on which I have contributed my creative skills.  On all of them I am playing guitar, piano, keyboards, bass, percussion or santoor.  In many cases I was also the producer, and in other instances I was part of a team of writers and producers.

(click the images to listen to the records...)

Taz River.jpg

Taz Babiker - River

Nov 2021

Tokitae with Stars and water.jpg

Bob Hillary - Sacred

March 2022

Tree Of Miracles.jpg

Alix Thorpe - Tree Of Miracles

June 2021

towo kalona whale.jpeg

Ayla Schafer - Silent Voices

November 2020


Alix Thorpe - Rosa Mystica

October 2020


Alix Thorpe - Weja Haelan

October 2020


Lucy Wylde - An Ending, A Beginning

September 2020

Susie Ro - Song Of A Thousand Leaves

April 2018

Faeland - All My Swim

Nov 2017


Ayla Schafer - Dive Into Water  

January 2017

Julius Way - Seeds

June  2014

Creation Sounds EP

April 2013

Ayla Schafer - Words and Wolves    

June 2013

Hang In Balance

Live at Saint Stephen's Church   April 2012

Julius Way - Relics  

September 2012

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